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Spirit Revolution Now with Victor Torres

Mar 30, 2022

The Gospel is a supernatural seed. It has the capability and the power not only to save us, but also to keep us, to heal us, to strengthen us. There is an enemy, waiting and watching for the moment that you leave a crack open in your life so that he may sneak in and steal the seed. The Word of God working in your...

Mar 24, 2022

“There is an altar in our hearts where we turn to God in faith.” Host Dr. Victor Torres continues in his Jehovah Nissi series in Exodus 17. “We pray and we ask God for strength, and peace and wisdom, and He visits us there because the altar of faith is there.”

Mar 16, 2022

When Moses went up to the mountain, in Exodus chapter seventeen, he went up there with a God-designed purpose. He wanted the people to catch the vision of the Lord working on their behalf. Dr. Torres wants the same for you today, “You are going to win this battle, but you're going to do it by the glory of God; you are...

Mar 9, 2022

“Like Abraham, we have been given a hope that never fails. Though we fight contrary forces, we can believe and trust that what God says will come to pass.” –Victor Torres

Mar 2, 2022

Jesus changed the entire dynamic of praying. He made it personal. Victor Torres encourages, “You know, man can tell you many things, but there is nothing like when God gives you a word.” It’s time for a one-on-one encounter with God, shutting out the world, and opening your life to the presence of God Almighty.