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Spirit Revolution Now with Victor Torres

Feb 23, 2022

“I ask, ‘Lord, fill me with Your wisdom and Your power; use me, Lord God.’ You want to have an effective ministry and impact people's lives? Pray and ask God to use You; pray and ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit. I promise you that He will do it.” Today, Victor Torres offers us three challenges to...

Feb 16, 2022

Getting direction from Galatians 5, Victor Torres points the way to a life of freedom—"To live in the Holy Spirit; to manifest the fruits of the Spirit--this is the key to true freedom.”

Feb 9, 2022

Where others saw disaster, Caleb saw divine deliverance and provision. Caleb followed the Lord whole-heartedly and he was rewarded for his faith. God is still in the Caleb-making business. Through the account told in Joshua, Victor Torres encourages you to put your whole heart into making God’s mark on this...

Feb 2, 2022

In 1 Samuel 13, after the enemy had taken their weaponry, Saul’s army was left with little to defend and fight back. Isn't that what our enemy is trying to do to the church today--rob the church of her proper weapons? You must be equipped for the times! And do not forget your shield.