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Spirit Revolution Now with Victor Torres

Nov 24, 2021

You’re minding your business and suddenly an unwanted thought pops into your mind – some negative opinion, temptation, past offenses. This is a surprise attack of the enemy on your mind. “Do not allow your thoughts to debilitate you. Arm yourself with the mind of Christ.”

Nov 17, 2021

Spirit Revolution in these end times requires an attitude of prayer, praise, and preparation through the Word of God.  An attitude is “a settled way of thinking…typically reflected in a person’s behavior.” Victor Torres readies us to replenish our strength, renew our faith, and revitalize our determination...

Nov 10, 2021

The Holy Spirit is our Counselor, Teacher, Helper, and Source of the power surge needed for purification, transformation, and miraculous visitation from Heaven to earth. The Upper Room was only the beginning. Victor Torres says, “With the Holy Spirit working through you, you do not need to chase after signs and follow...

Nov 3, 2021

We expect to face difficulties when we make bad decisions, but what about the storms that overwhelm us when we are in obedience? Using Matthew 14, Victor Torres reminds us how trials teach us to trust God, make us stronger, and can bring out the best in us.